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Rubin Lab

The Rubin lab approach to cancer research has grown in parallel with the rapid expansion of bioinformatics and sequencing technology over the past 10 years.  Our expertise in identifying functional biomarkers and investigating prostate cancer heterogeneity has led to key discoveries in the distinction between indolent and aggressive cancer types.  Our mission is to identify potential therapeutic targets and bridge the latest in cancer genetics research with individual patient oriented clinical care. The Rubin lab is based in New York City at the Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center of the Weill Cornell Medical College and New York-Presbyterian Hospital.


The New England Journal of Medicine — Inherited DNA-Repair Gene Mutations in Men with Metastatic Prostate Cancer.  [read more]

Lab News

rubin lab cornell organoids

Read about the recent $4M award from NIH enabling us to move closer to fulfilling the promise of precision more

Our Research

rubin lab whole genome sequencing

The Rubin lab research team strives to identify new biomarkers in the pursuit of targeted cancer treatment.